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A Call to Action

Good Day Citadel Family,

I pray your week is off to a good start.  I have prayed and searched for the right words over the last week to articulate as best as possible what I think is important for us as a church to know.

Like you, I am hurting, angry and sad.  What I am seeing and experiencing in 2020 as an African-American man in America is not much different from what my father and grandfather experienced.  This past week, the senseless killing of George Floyd reminded us that we have not progressed as far as we would like to think.  The demand for justice, change, reform and peace is greater now as a result of it.  However, we must respond appropriately. We must not respond in hatred, retribution or violence.  But we must respond.  

Listed below are a few ways that we as a church will respond:
  1. Pray for plan, strategy and direction.  Pray that God show you how YOU can effect change and help push us toward justice.  
  2. Sign the petition calling for the prosecution of the officers who committed and consented to the murder of George Floyd. Text FLOYD TO 55156 and then DEMANDS also to 55156
  3. VOTE! Encourage others to do the same.  Register to vote if you are not already.  Click here
  4. Write a letter to our elected officials.  Our Mayor, City council, state legislators and Congresspersons all need to know that we demand open lines of communication, transparency in police practice (body cams) and governing and judicial equity.  
  5. Discourage violence, destruction of property or taking of anyone’s life.

There is more that we will do.  I will do my best to keep you all apprised of any and all opportunities to make our voices heard.  They must be!

I love you,

Bishop Hill

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